Kinds of reflections

Teachers have been using Classroom Action Research ¬†for quite a while, and that it is different from other kinds of educational research because it uses reflection. What surprises me this morning is the fact that reflection has two meanings. They are “reflection-in-action” and “reflection-on-ction” (Burns, 2010: 14).

Reflection-in-action is a spontaneous rethinking about what teachers have been doing in their classroom. It is a must for all teachers to be aware of their students, the problems in their classroom, and what they want to to do to solve the problems.

Reflection-on-action is also a reflection about what happened. The differences lie in the systematic and planned teaching strategies, materials used, and decisions made in the teaching-learning process, on which the reflective teachers rethink. By doing it, they aim at improvements of qualities of their own teaching and of the learners’.

In her closing, Ann Burns asked, “What kind of reflective teacher are you?” — a challenging question for all teachers.

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